IBK Göteborg  Herrjunior

Registration number: 1022
Registrator: Mickael Lamré Log in
Primary shirt color: Black
Leader: Mickael Lamré
Peter Larsson
Fredrik Röding
Silver medal! Reached second place in Slutspel A
IBK Göteborg  was one of 43 clubs from Sweden that had teams playing during MUC 2022. They participated with one team in Herrjunior.

In addition to IBK Göteborg , 7 other teams played in Herrjunior. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof IBK Göteborg  could be found in Group B together with Onsala IBK 1, Lindome IBK  and Solfjäderstaden IBF.

IBK Göteborg  made it to Slutspel A after reaching 2:nd place in Group B. Once in the playoff they made it all the way to the Final, but lost it against Lindome IBK  with 1-5. Thereby IBK Göteborg  finished second in Herrjunior Slutspel A during MUC 2022.

IBK Göteborg  comes from Göteborg which lies approximately 8 km from Mölndal, where MUC takes place. The area around Göteborg does also provide 21 additional clubs participating during MUC 2022 (Among others: IBF Älvstranden , Stenungsunds IBK , Kärra IBK, Lindås Rasta IBK , Frölunda IBK , IBK Alingsås, FBC Vinga, IK Zenith, IBK Bergum and FBC Lerum ).

5 games played


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