Register Fees (per team)

Competing age groups  2985 SEK per Team
Playing age groups,  2395 SEK per Team

Create a log in and register your team by pressing on "Register" 

  • After following the instructions you now have an account and can easily edit and update your information; add or remove teams, book accommodation, register players and leaders as well as administrer att finance/payments to the cup.  

Important dates for Mölndal Youth Cup 2023

  • Register latest 1st November - and get 20% discount on your team register fee. 

  • The register fee for the team shall be paid latest 30 days after you have made your reservation (but latest 10th February)
  • 10 February: Latest date for registration and for Paying register fees and cost for accommodation and Food. Typically, the number of accommodation/hotel rooms is definite and cannot be edited in the system after this date. 
  • 28 February Absolute latest day for registration - (IF there are places left) 
  • 15 March - Publication of schedule for matches for "playing age groups" 
  • 21 March Publication of schedule for matches for "competing age groups" 
  • 28 March Latest date for prebooking of MUC cup clothes